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Real Estate Marketing Strategies – Law of Attraction Marketing in 5 Easy Steps

As a Law of Attraction Real Estate Coach, I often hear from my clients the following story, “I feel stuck in my business. I really love to help people, I am excellent in negotiations and contracts, but I really hate prospecting! I just can’t seem to bring myself to pick up the phone.”How often have you had those feelings, or have known of someone else who does? The thought of marketing makes most people clench their teeth, tighten their stomach and engage in marketing avoidant behavior that sends their business down the drain.They tell me, “If only I could learn to market myself, I would love this business. I would be making a fortune.”If you have these feelings, you’re not alone. There are specific reasons why people are marketing avoidant. Here are a few:1. “I don’t want to bother people” How many times have you said it yourself before you picked up the phone? The fear of bothering people is huge. In the same breath, most real estate agents tell me that, “I hate it when a telemarketer calls me at home and I don’t want to do the same thing to other people.”2. “I don’t like tooting my own horn” So many of us have been taught, especially women, that it’s not good to promote yourself. This is especially difficult for women who have come from a background other than sales before they entered real estate. Often times they were employed in a company and marketing was never a part of their job.3. “I don’t want to be rejected”Some people are so terrified of being rejected or disapproved of, that they will even avoid calling their former clients. I have written previously in other articles about the phenomena of having a sphere of influence, which is your “goldmine”, but being afraid to “mine it.”Fortunately, the Law of Attraction provides solutions for Real Estate marketing.Here are 5 easy ways to use the Law of Attraction so that you can transform “marketing” into a pleasurable and profitable experience.1. Think of giving. Whenever you think of marketing yourself, think about the fact that you are actually “offering” a valuable service.The law of attraction tells us that we get back what we give out. If you think of giving out a valuable service, and you focus on what you have to give you will radiate out such a powerful force of positive energy that you will attract it back to you in terms of clients and sales. The “secret” is to focus on being “the giver.”2. Know your unique selling pointsMost of the time when I coach my real estate clients, they hugely underestimate what makes them unique. When I ask them, “Why should I work with you instead of another real estate agent?” They honestly don’t know.Here’s the “secret”: make a list of what your former clients have complimented you for. Did they tell you that you were friendly, easy to get along with, very knowledgeable, extremely dependable, or great with follow-up?As you make the list and think about it, you will start to become aware that what you have to offer as a real estate agent is yourself.You are unique. There is no one else like you. The more you like yourself and approve of yourself, the more you will radiate out a positive energy of self-love, gratitude, and appreciation. These energies are the highest energies that you could send out. They are guaranteed to magnetize back to you the Ideal Clients that you want.3. Clear away your self limiting beliefsIt is usually our self limiting beliefs that keep us from “tooting our own horn.” Most of us were taught to downplay ourselves, not to brag, and to “play it small.” In fact, I coached a woman the other day, whose survival strategy when she was growing up, was to pretend to be “invisible.” This is very common when I’m coaching female real estate agents to find that there is some self limiting belief that keeps them “out of the limelight.”Here’s the “secret”: a survival strategy that may have helped you when you were growing up can now be a hindrance to your survival. In fact, when you think about it, there is nothing more risky to your real estate career, then trying to be invisible.The truth is that people need to know who you are, and where to reach you. You need to become very visible. Practice giving yourself positive self talk such as, “it is now safe for me to be visible” and “My survival now depends on me being seen and known.”4. Create a mindset of positive expectationsInstead of fearing that people are not going to like hearing from you, create the mindset that they are going to love to hear from you. You can back that up with being sure that you always have something to offer on every call.For example, you could be putting on a seminar for homeowners, and be excited to tell your sphere of influence all about it. If you’re talking to a former client, you can offer to be a referral source for them when they need an electrician, plumber, a painter etc.If you’re calling someone out of the blue, you can offer to provide them with a free comparative market analysis of their home and explain to them the benefits of having that.Here’s the “secret”: always lead with what you have to offer. Send out a vibration of excitement and enthusiasm. This will ensure that people want to hear from you. In the Law of Attraction, whatever you give out comes back to you multiplied.If you give out help, suggestions, ideas, and services that people need, that energy will be returned to you in the form you
have intended.5. Realize that you’re marketing yourself at every momentRemember, you’re not just marketing yourself when you pick up the phone. Wherever you go and whatever you do, you are marketing yourself. Create a sizzling answer to the question, “what do you do?”Instead of saying the usual answer, “my name is_________________, and I am a real estate agent with___________________, say something different instead.Try this: the next time somebody says, “So what do you do?” answer by saying, “you know how nervous and stressed out people get when they are buying or selling a home?” The other person will obviously say “yes”. Then you say, “Well, I handle all the details and put my clients at ease so they can enjoy the process of buying or selling a home. I’m a real estate agent with ________________________.Here’s the “secret”: answer their question with a question, to get them involved. Once they are involved, paint the picture of how you help people. Add as many details as you like. Only say you’re a real estate agent at the very end. Believe me, I have coached many of my clients in doing this and all I can say is, “you better have a lot of business cards on hand,” because with that response, people are going to ask for your card a lot.Marketing can be enjoyable and pleasurable. Remember to present yourself as “a giver”, with unique selling points, and always something to offer. After being a psychologist for 20 years and coaching real estate agents for 10 years, I can assure you that the more you learn to enjoy the marketing experience, the better you will feel about yourself and the more prosperity you will attract.Remember the famous principle of the Law of Attraction: you get what you focus on. If you want a welcoming voice on the other end of the phone, start imagining what that would sound like, and look forward to making your calls.

Benefit With Systematic Investment Plan Advantage

Systematic investment Plan advantage can be taken by any investor who can spare at least 500 rupees per month. Some funds offer SIP Plans with an investment as low as 100 rupees. But for most of the funds minimum investment per month is 500 rupees. Most people have misconception that to invest large sums of money is required. But starting with an amount as low as 500 rupees per month can accumulate huge wealth in long term. It is a fact that people have many dreams or goals like better education for children, foreign vacation, dream home or happy retirement. But with limited income most people do not understand how to reach those goals.Systematic investment Plan advantages are not limited only to low amount of investment. We know that it is almost impossible to time the market highs and lows. Most people lose money investing in shares due to timing the market rather than being a long term investor. Even the best of the investors or traders often miss market direction. For a layman or investor with little time and resources to research market moves, Systematic investment Plan advantage is unparalleled. With rupee cost averaging one can invest regularly in equities without worrying about timing the markets highs and lows. In long term, rupee cost averaging helps to accumulate wealth which is an advantage of Systematic investment Planning.Usually investors keep averaging same number of shares/unit whenever there is a decline in the price and never while the price is rising. In the long bull run this may be an opportunity loss as no further investments are made. Rupee cost average through SIP works irrespective of market highs and lows. When the market keeps decreasing, more number of units are accumulated and less number of units are accumulated when market is increasing.To take Systematic investment Planning advantage you must keep invested for long term. Historically it is seen that SIP works best when invested for long term. Earlier, advisers used to suggest 3 to 4 years as long term. But after 2008 market collapse, investors could not recover their losses even after investing for almost 5 more years. It is better to consider long term as a full market cycle rather than in years.SIP investing allows investors to be balanced in their investment decisions. Disciplined and Balanced investment is another advantage of Systematic investment Plan. Investors with long term goal oriented investments often do not take investment decisions in haste and avoid panic selling or greedy buying. It is noticed many times that investors who associate their investments with goals are more balanced in their decisions.One can choose different intervals like daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly averaging while investing through SIP which is another Systematic investment Plan advantage. Investors have the option to choose fixed dates on which their accounts are debited for the fixed amount they wish to invest. If the day chosen happens to holiday, amount gets debited on next working day.Another Systematic investment Plan advantage is the flexibility in payment options like ECS (Electronic Clearance Scheme), Auto debit and post dated cheques. Out of the options, ECS is most convenient option for most of the investors.For small investors who wish to invest less than 50000 per year in a mutual fund, PAN card is not mandatory. KYC can be completed with submitting voter identity card or driving license.